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Today’s USDC socials news

Shot's fired from Paxos: both USDC‘s and Tether’s tokens are “stablecoins” in anything other than name- both of their products are backed by illiquid and risky debt obligations — a critical weakness that no prudential regulator would allow to exist as this creates undue risk for all token holders

Why do people even bother with stablecoins like USDC?

ProtonLoan is paying more than 20% on USDC and you can pull your funds out any time.

USDT - USDC - BUSD. How safe are they really?

BlackRock to Be the Primary Manager of the $50 Billion USDC Reserves

Stablegains a registered company in US was taking USDC and USD via wire from customers promising them 15%, put it all into Anchor without telling them, they have lost $42M of 5000 Customers.

How much do you all put into USDC?

Smart or stupid? My friend is putting his future down payment into USDC and lending on for 10% APY for 1 year

Many people are hyped about the ETH/BTC flippening but I think the USDC/USDT flippening event is just as important.

The Big 'Winner' From the Crypto Crash? USDC Stablecoin

USDC balance not available for spending on my coinbase card?

How can paying 9% APY on USDC possibly be sustainable?

Do Kwon confirms he will be repaying UST holders via the remaining LFG reserves. Victims will be getting airdropped from TerraV2 as well as Usdc/usdt compensation!!

[Proposal] Tiered repayment: 1:1 USDC refund to all UST holders up to a certain cap per-wallet using LFG funds, favouring small wallets

Circle to Issue Weekly USDC Reserve Reports — Tether Publishes May 2022 Assurance Report

Regarding Tether: Could it be the cash is flowing into USDC instead? Market Cap changes seem too similar to me…

So voyagers… what y’all think about new tier system for USDC, BTC and ETH

USDC and USDT on Cardano.

Kronos-Sale | Safe Crypto Launch Platform | Launch Today 20:00 UTC | USDC Rewards | NFT Dividends | Doxxed & KYC | Trusted Team | Cronos Blockchain | Innovation Inspired By The Gods

Kronos-Sale | Presale Last Call! | Launch Tomorrow 09.05.2022 | Secure Launchpad | Huge USDC Rewards | Trusted Team | Functional Ecosystem | NFT Dividends | Cronos Blockchain | Innovation Inspired By The Gods

Question about staking USDC on voyager, only %6.5 apy with over $100k?

This isn't scary at all... BlackRock in charge of $50B USDC...😱😣😵🤬

USDC should blacklist This Scammer Account

Anyone Else Pulling Your $USDC? Probably fear on my part, but the Luna thing makes me nervous.

Some insider info: DEI is transitioning from Algo coin to USDC - FRAX - DAI backed stable coin. Currently worth 60c and soon to be pegged. Great #arbitrage opportunity. BTC wallet address ETH wallet address