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Today’s Ukraine socials news

Russian propagandists tried to film a propaganda plot with a Ukrainian grandfather from Kherson. But something went wrong: “Why did you come to us? I want to live in Ukraine"

A court in Ukraine has jailed a Russian tank commander for life for killing a civilian at the first war crimes trial since the invasion.

Russian diplomat to UN in Geneva resigns over war in Ukraine

Zelenskyy: Russia has 20 times more military equipment in Donbas than Ukraine

Ukraine court jails Russian soldier for life in war crimes trial

Thousands of Estonians sing "Oi u luzi chervona kalyna" to Support Ukraine

Ukraine military intelligence: Assassins 'tried to kill' Putin two months ago

Zelensky signs bill allowing Ukraine to confiscate assets of Russia supporters

The Chechen "Sheikh Mansur" Battalion fighting for Ukraine, posing with their latest trophies

West should have backed Ukraine back in 2014, President Zelenskyy tells Davos elite.

A Ukrainian hid a Russian soldier at home, passing him off as his son. The soldier of the Russian Federation served as a tank gunner, but when he entered the territory of Ukraine, he decided not to participate in the “military operation." A local resident decided to help.

Ukraine's First Lady says war 'horrors' will leave deep scars. The impacts of Russia’s war on healthcare and mental health could be felt for decades, she warned a World Health Organization assembly in Geneva..“Russia’s war has shown horrors we could not have imagined.”

Former US soldier now fighting in Ukraine tells of days trapped in 'house of horrors' - KRDO

Russian anarchists and anti-fascists fighting for Ukraine

George Bush, who became president by rigging an election, decries Russian elections for being rigged, then goes on to denounce Vladimir Putin for "launch[ing] a wholly unjustified invasion of Iraq... I mean of Ukraine."

As tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate, along with Taiwan and China, President Biden signed Ukraine's $40B funding bill and made commitments to back Taiwan with troops - if China attacks

Video: 20 Nations to Send New Weapons to Ukraine, U.S. Defense Secretary Says

‘Warmongering, lies and hatred’: Russian diplomat in Geneva resigns over Ukraine invasion.

Folklore group "Sviatovid" of the Honored Academic Exemplary Orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine sing the Bayraktar song

Russia has probably lost more troops in its three-month invasion of Ukraine than the Soviet Union did during its nine-year war in Afghanistan, The United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence tweeted on Monday.

Caesar are in Ukraine 👍

This is Kuzya. Kuzya is the cat of one of our volunteers. We help get cats (and their people) out of Ukraine and take them to safe long-term destinations.

UK backs Lithuania’s plan to lift Russian blockade of Ukraine grain

Faces of Azovstal: Bohdan Krotevych “Taurus” Chief of Staff of Ukrainian Army Azov Regiment. In 2014, Russian forces occupied his home in Simferopol. His words: “We all understands why we’re here. We’ve been preparing for this for 8yrs. Our regiment stands to defend Ukraine… to the end” May 2022

New footage from Ukraine SSO documenting another failed attempt by Russian Forces to cross the Donets several weeks ago and the battle's wasteland of abandoned and destroyed Russian vehicles BTC wallet address ETH wallet address