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Today’s stablecoin socials news

UST, the stablecoin that lost its peg big-time yesterday and has yet to recover, also participated in the sneeze.

A stablecoin becomes not so stable. Fortunes are lost on r/terraluna and r/cryptocurrency Markdown

If you would have a few $100ks, why wouldn't you simply live from stablecoin staking?

An important WARNING: keep your money safe for a few days. USDT also deppeged from 1-1 and there is EXTREME pressure on USDT and other stablecoins as people are trying to cash out.

Which is the safest stablecoin to keep your dollars in?

I'm considering spending a big chunk on stablecoins to stake for passive income. Why should or shouldn't I do this?

Lowest risk stablecoin yield?

Stablecoin staking

Introducing USDTea - Stablecoin backed by a can of Arizona Ice Tea that's been $1 for the past 30 years (Joke)

$7.6b in Tether has been withdraw since Thursday. The stablecoin survives a depeg crisis after dipping to $0.95 then recovering back up to $1

Newly-deceased stablecoin UST and others like it are death spiral convertible bonds in disguise. Whoever crashed UST and LUNA is selling death spirals directly to retail.

Another Stablecoin Loses Peg as Algorithm Fails to Keep Pace

I wrote a post last week about the importance of having an "emergency fund," and a lot of people responded that their savings are in a stablecoin. Still feel like that's a good idea?

Earning interest on stablecoins is the only true form of passive income.. Please change my mind

Kraken lets you trade cryptos with usd, euros and no stablecoin, and it's rock solid as they come. So why on earth do we need stablecoins? Seriously, I don't get it, it looks fucked up to me.

For the 100th time. If you’re getting a 15 - 20% return off a stablecoin, you’re taking ridiculously high levels of risk.

Djed - the first algorithmic stablecoin on Cardano is now on Testnet

Pump Token Pump Sale Now ON! Get Into The First Decentralized Stablecoin Backed Asset

Cardano's Djed Stablecoin Safe, Assures Charles Hoskinson

The Big 'Winner' From the Crypto Crash? USDC Stablecoin

A stablecoin implosion is not even over, yet Poloniex (owned by Justin Sun) is already calling USDD stablecoin as "trustable". USDD is virtually build with same ponzinomics, except its run on Tron. Pathetic.

Ethereum co-founder says every ‘average smallholder’ impacted by Terra’s stablecoin crash should be made whole

The true stablecoin

The true stablecoin

In hindsight, calling it a 'stablecoin' was just asking for trouble

The true stablecoin BTC wallet address ETH wallet address